Mission Statement

He believes that Lawyers play a vital role in access to Justice. They make the Constitution a living reality. He feels that Law is what the lawyers are. The difference between winning and losing a case is not the law but lawyer, not so much as the judge but the research done by the lawyer and his advocacy.

He often says that while it is important to earn well, what is more important is to make earnest efforts to contribute to public welfare.

He loves Courtrooms because it is one of the only places where a little guy can go toe to toe on a level field with a big crooked Company or Corporation. Lawyers as class stand between law abiding people and tyranny. He walked a thin line between big verdicts in favour of his clients and catastrophic failures. He feels that it is impossible to live without failures. If you live ever so cautiously, you might as well not have lived at all.

For decades he has dedicated himself to fighting for the poor and challenging discrimination. He has for ever combatted excessive and unfair sentences in Criminal cases, earned acquittals for innocent prisoners, earned reprieves for death row prisoners, challenged abuse of the mentally ill, helped children prosecuted as adults, and litigated on behalf of those who were denied fair trial. He often advocated forgiveness for accused as a human being is always much more than the crimes he may be accused of.

He stresses that those who are poor, socially deprived, are more vulnerable. They are also most misunderstood. He has always joined every fight for gender equality- something that he inherited from his feminist mother. His tells every one, it is men’s issue too.

Already at the peak of his legal career, he has embraced parliamentary duties with child like excitement. Since Feb 2014, as a member of Rajya Sabha, having been nominated by the President, he has participated in almost every debate in the house, prepared for each intervention, the same way he would prepare himself for a Court Room battle. Even while he nears 68 years, his determination for researching each public issue to equal measure as a court battle is baffling. If God grants him same health and more years, he feels there’s a lot more to be learnt & done.